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Grade "A" Cypress

Bagged Mulch

Always in stock!

No matter what the look you're going for when you mulch your landscape we have it covered. From shredded to nuggets to pine needles we have an enormous selection of mulches to choose from. All of our mulches are available for delivery or you can come pick them up.

Weed Control

Before you mulch we strongly recommend you put down weed granules. Weed granules work like an invisible force field keeping seeds from germinating while doing no harm to existing plants. Simply spread granules over area to be mulched and then put down mulch. If you have already mulched weed granules can be put down over top of existing mulch and still work effectively. This way you can spend more time enjoying your yard and less time bent over pulling weeds. Trust us your back will thank you. We have several types of mulch all of them working basically the same as far as moisture retention, moderation of soil temperature, and weed suppression. The do differ in texture, color, decomposition rates, and application uses. Some are work better on hills, others take longer to break down, and some even help slightly acidify the soil as they break down. Everyone has different needs does not need the same kind of mulch that is why we carry several different varieties of mulch. Here are a few descriptions to help you make your choice.

Additional Information

  • Grade "A" Cypress-What we use when we plant. Shredded outer bark of the tree so there is less pulp, decomposes slower, and helps prevent it from washing out or blowing away. Light and easy to spread. Bag is 3 Cu. Ft. and covers 10-12 square feet.
  • Grade "B" Cypress-Nice economically priced cypress mulch. It is mostly inner bark of the tree resulting in more pulp. Still is an effective way to help retain moisture, reduce weeds, and control soil temperature.Bag is 2 Cu. Ft. and covers 8-10 square feet.
  • Cedar Royale-Long fibered mulch similar to grade "A" cypress is good for windy and rainy areas. It decomposes slower than other mulches that are pulpier. One bag is 2 Cu. Ft. and covers 8-10 Sq Ft.
  • Black Hardwood-Extra fine textured mulch is dyed black so it holds its rich black color much longer than regular hardwood. Really contrast with colors and makes them stand out. Black hardwood gives that well manicured look. One bag is 1.5 Cu. Ft. and covers 6-8 sq ft.
  • Brown Hardwood-Shredded brown mulch has ability to mat and hold moisture as well as insulate soil from heat and cold. It is easy to spread and economical to use. One bag is 2 Cu. Ft. and covers 8-10 Sq Ft.
  • Large Pine Bark Nuggets-Big uniform size nuggets breakdown slower so they last longer than other mulches. They give a natural woody look to the landscape. Also work perfectly in play areas to help keep down on mud. One bag is 2 Cu. Ft and covers 8-10 sq ft.
  • Mini Pine Bark Nuggets-This mulch is great looking mulch good for any form of landscape bed from formal English gardens to more natural free flowing gardens. Nuggets are about half the size of large size. One bag is 2 Cu. Ft. and covers 8-10 sq. ft.
  • Pine Bark Mulch-Multi-purpose mulch can be used as a soil amendment to break up clay soil when planting trees and shrubs or as top dressing mulch to give a natural native look. Like other pine mulches helps acidify the soil as it decomposes. One bag is 2 Cu Ft and covers 8-10 Sq. Ft.
  • Pine Straw-Unique pine needle mulch gives your landscape that southern look. Pine straw is an excellent choice for azaleas and all other acidic loving plants. It mats together well so it helps hold it in place and keeps it from washing. One bale covers 10-12 sq. ft.
  • Straw-Our wheat straw is clean so you can use it when seeding your lawn or use it for pet bedding. One bale covers 150 sq. ft

Local Delivery

Do you need more mulch than you can fit in your trunk? Don't have time to drive to our store? Have some unexpected free time and want to get your mulching done now? We can take care of all your needs! We offer delivery of all our products, we can take credit card orders over that phone, and in most cases we offer same day delivery. Call us today to set up your delivery.
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