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1 Cu. Ft. Bag


Growing healthy plants starts with the soil

Finding the right soil for the ultimate growing experience can be a complicated process. Choosing the right soil is crucial to ensuring your plant grows to its full potential and doesn't struggle from being planted in an in appropriate growing medium. We have an experienced, friendly, and certified staff to help simplify the process while making sure you get the right product so your plants will live a long healthy life.
From potting soils to good top soil we have all your needs covered and since not all soils are created equal we can help you get the right one for you.
  • Pro-Mix Ultimate Container mix (.1-.2-.3)- PEAT-BASED growing mix specially formulated for a wide variety of plant species grown in hanging baskets, large containers and outdoor planters. It has excellent water-holding capacity for plants that require high amounts of water or subject to hot, sunny conditions. This potting mix contains water saving crystals to hold extra water and reduces watering frequency. It also contains a slow release fertilizer. Truly one of the best potting soils for pots.
  • Pro-Mix BX-Potting up a lot of containers or just have some big pots? Pro-Mix BX is a general purpose peat-based growing medium good for any and everything you are growing. This mix is lightweight, uniform, and blended to the highest degree of consistency to ensure maximum plant performance. Comes in a dry compressed bale and when water is mixed in makes about 2 wheelbarrows worth of soil. What the professional growers use!
  • Pro-Mix BX with Mycorise- a general purpose peat-based growing medium with vermiculite and perlite, used for the cultivation of a wide variety of plant species. MYCORISE┬« PRO has a beneficial bacteria that bond with roots to help ensure stronger, healthier plants due to more developed root systems and better fertilizer uptake.
  • BACCTO ┬« Lite-A lightweight blend of pre-moistened sphagnum peat and other quality materials, BACCTO ┬« Lite™ Premium Potting Soil includes a fertilizer package consisting of both starter and slow-release fertilizers. It's ready to use right out of the bag, and is ideal for indoor and outdoor potted plants, bulbs, starting seeds, and rooted cuttings.
  • Garden Magic Top Soil- a blend of dark reed sedge peat and sand used as a top dressing for lawns and gardens. Ready to use out of the bag, this blend loosens heavy soils and enhances the moisture retention overall.
Planting in the right soil is import but planting with the right fertilizer is also very important. If you are planting in containers we recommend you use Flower-tone. Unlike other fertilizers Flower-tone has beneficial microbes that bond to roots of plants and help with fertilizer uptake and since they bond to the roots they won't wash out of pots through repetitive watering.
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