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Save Money Treat Your Lawn Yourself

So easy you'll wonder why you didn't do it earlier

You don't need to pay some lawn company a ton of money to have a beautiful lawn. You can save money and still have a beautiful lush green lawn by doing it yourself. Our 4 step lawn care really is as easy as 1-2-3-4.
Whether you are seeding, laying sod, trying to thicken and green up you lawn, or just trying to get the weeds under control we offer a full range of lawn care products to cover all your needs.
  • Crabgrass preventer plus lawn food (30-3-4)-Ultimate 2 in 1 fertilizer. Prevents crabgrass,. foxtail, goose grass, and barnyard grass from existing in your lawn while giving your lawn nourishment to keep it lush and green. DO NOT sow grass seed when using this product. When to apply- For best results apply during late February through Mid April.
  • Weed Control plus Lawn Food (28-3-4)- Important dual-purpose fertilizer. Kills broadleaf weeds including dandelions, clover, chickweed, and more while providing nutrition to your lawn to thicken it up and fill in where weeds die. When to apply- Apply April thru June whenever weeds are present. There needs to be a dew on the lawn so granules will stick to weeds with no rain for 24 hours.
  • Lawn Food (29-3-4)- Great way to replenish your lawn and bring it back to life after a stressful summer. When to apply- Apply in September through early October.
  • Winterizer (18-24-12)- Important in feeding the roots to thicken up your turf and make it thicker and greener in winter and in early spring. Also perfect for putting down with fresh seed or when putting down sod. When to apply- Apply mid-October through November or directly with new seed or sod.
  • Crabgrass preventer without fertilizer- For those who want to keep the crabgrass out of their lawn but don't want feed their lawn. DO NOT put down grass seed with this product. When to apply- For best results apply during late February though Mid April.
  • Weed Control without lawn food- Gets the weeds out of your lawn without feeding it. There needs to be a dew on the lawn so weed control granules stick to weeds with no rain for 24 hours.When to apply-For best results apply April thru June whenever weeds are present.
  • New Lawn Starter- This 4lb bag is perfect for small jobs. Great for sowing new seed or laying sod, new lawn starter really helps root development.
  • Espoma OrganicĀ® Lawn Food (18-8-6)-A premium source of 100% organic nitrogen. Keeps lawns up to 3 times longer than chemicals and unlike them it won't burn your lawn, even during summer. Its slow release provides turf with exactly the nutrients it needs, eliminating over or under feeding. Non-toxic and safe around children and pets. A 25 lb. bag feeds 5,000 square feet.
To ensure a nice even spread and avoid piles of fertilizer we strongly recommend using a spreader when applying these products to the lawn. We offer both walk behind and hand held spreaders for your convenience.
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