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Tip Sheets and Lists

Designed to help you be successful

We have assembled a group of lists, information sheets, and other ideas to help you have a beautiful garden!
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Tip Sheets and Lists

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Information about our 4 step lawn care and coupons to use on the 5,000 or 15,000 square foot packages.
As of: Jul 24, 2013
Some information on the causes and prevention of the very common "Blossom-End Rot" disease that affects tomatoes and other vegetables.
Plants that are not prone to being eaten by those adorable pests in your back yard.
A starter list of plants that are resistant to drought in our area.
A list of plants that do well in moist or slightly moist landscape areas.
A beginning list of plants that are native to Kentucky.
Step by step instructions on how to plant both balled & burlapped and container plants. If you have more questions feel free to call us at (502) 454-4000
A short list of when to prune your shrubs. Call 502-454-4000 if you have questions!
A bit of information on how to repel ticks from your yard with landscape plants.
How to take an accurate soil test. You can then take it to the county extension office to have your soil tested - address and contact info at the top of the sheet.
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