Brown Hardwood


This is Bulk Mulch: Brown Hardwood: $30/scoop

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Our Brown hardwood mulch is our most economical mulch. 4 scoop minimum for delivery.

Local Delivery


We will happily deliver from 4 – 10 scoops to local addresses. A scoop = 3/4 Cubic Yard approx 13 Bags. If you require more than 10 scoops, please give us a call, 502-454-4000

How much mulch do you need?


If you’re unsure how much mulch you’ll need, try our handy-dandy¬† mulch calculator.

To ensure a beautiful healthy landscape, use our “All Natural” Hardwood Bark Mulch.¬† It is excellent for weed control, insulation from temperature extremes, water retention and erosion control. Our Hardwood Bark Mulch is aged to perfection and shredded to a fine consistent quality. This mulch is perfect for use around plants of any type for weed control in areas where mowing is difficult.

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